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Leave out all the rest

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Its been a while, since I’ve been muddled in the head. I’m lost, not in a dream and I’ve not been wandering. Crying to audiovisuals that strike a a chord soothe the void that juts out like a fleshy gaping hole.  So, there has been a dearth of conversations. Meaningless words choke my system and even music can’t save my moral soul. To avenge my soul’s blues, I started reading ‘On The Road’, which made me crave for mouth-watering apple pie topped with rich, thick fresh cream.

Bathed in rotten luck, I couldn’t quench the lust for the whipped cream. My soul lay bare, bored. My boyfriend’s tales akin to a drag that’s dethroned the drone.

My soul lays bare, bored. Waiting for Satan’s spell to be broken and a meaningful glance be given to my flaccid, bare soul, waiting to be touched and told.


One thought on “Leave out all the rest

  1. Welcome to the club, kid.
    Better late than never.

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