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Leave out all the rest

Its been a while, since I’ve been muddled in the head. I’m lost, not in a dream and I’ve not been wandering. Crying to audiovisuals that strike a a chord soothe the void that juts out like a fleshy gaping hole. ┬áSo, there has been a dearth of conversations. Meaningless words choke my system and even music can’t save my moral soul. To avenge my soul’s blues, I started reading ‘On The Road’, which made me crave for mouth-watering apple pie topped with rich, thick fresh cream.

Bathed in rotten luck, I couldn’t quench the lust for the whipped cream. My soul lay bare, bored. My boyfriend’s tales akin to a drag that’s dethroned the drone.

My soul lays bare, bored. Waiting for Satan’s spell to be broken and a meaningful glance be given to my flaccid, bare soul, waiting to be touched and told.